The Roland  TD9 Series

A quick review

The popularity of  electronic drum sets has exploded over the past few years and drummers of all levels demand quality sets, whether acoustic or electronic. When it comes to electronic drum sets, Roland is at the top of the class.

If you’re in the market for a quality mid level electronic drum set the TD9 series by Roland may just be the ticket.

In this review we will take a look at one of  the most popular sets, the TD9S, TD9 SX and of course the TD9 Drum Module, also known as The Brain.  So before you purchase read this quick review.

The Roland TD9SX has been given a Five Star rating by drummers of all skill levels so it’s a fair assumption that this set really delivers.

Roland TD9 SX Electronic Drum Set

The Roland TD9 SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set is state-of-the-art. This mid-level set is perfect for beginners to intermediate drummers who are in need of a quality kit with an acoustic feel. In fact, many advanced drummers use the TD9 SX as a convient alternative practice set.

It doesn’t matter if you use the kit for studio, touring, or just simply for practice, this drum set is an excellent choice.

It is equipped with a comfortable  10″ mesh snare drum pad with rim triggering that gives you that realistic acoustic feel. As far as electronic kits go, Roland is definitely in tune with what drummers want and they truly are the biggest pioneers in this industry.


Quiet Please – Every drummers knows the frustration of the dreaded “It’s Too Loud” complaint. But of course with an electronic kit those worries are gone. If you’re considering an electronic kit, chances are the ability to practice quietly without disturbing others is big on your list. And, an electronic set allows you to rock as hard as you want to without annoying family and neighbors. Of course its not your playing that’s annoying right? It just gets too loud sometimes.

Convenience – The TD9 SX is small enough to easily fit in the corner of any room, taking up very little space. Once your set is all setup and tweaked just the way you want it you’re done. You don’t have to worry about tuning or adjusting things further because once its set, you’re set. Just sit down, put on your head phones and get going. Or plug up to your monitoring system (external speaker) and practice out loud.

– Ask any drummer who gigs and the biggest complaint about acoustic kits is set up and tear down.  You can’t beat the portability of an electronic set, and the ease of getting things set up.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the road or just like to practice at home in the basement. Want to head over to a buddies and jam? Just fold it up and throw it in the car and you’re off. Electronic kits weigh a whole lot less then acoustic kits and are far easier to manage when it comes to moving them around.

– The price can’t be beat for the quality and dependability you get with a Roland kit. Now we all know you can get a cheap acoustic kit for less then an electronic. But that’s not why you want an electronic set in the first place now is it?. No acoustic can compare to an electronic set when you factor in all the advantages a Roland kit has to offer. Just push a few buttons on your Roland TD9 Module and you have 50+ new kits at  your fingertips.

Expandability – This is a biggie. Chances are you will want to expand down the line and the good thing is you can add additional pads and cymbals in a snap. You can start out with a basic kit, like the Roland TD9S and simply add on to it as you grow. The possibilities are endless with an electronic kit, it’s up to you as to how much you want to add on.


Roland TD9 SX Demo With Johnny Rabb


More Information / Best Places To Purchase

If you already know that you want to purchase the Roland TD 9-SX Electronic Drum Set then you are well aware of the many choices you have.

Right now the best place to purchase the Roland TD9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Kit , and get the best value, is at Zzounds.

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